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Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara

About Hookah

How does Hookah work?

The traditional hookah is a type of water pipe that burns the flavour of sweetened tobacco in a small bowl. The smoke then travels through a water chamber and along a hose to a mouthpiece where it is inhaled.

Fill the water chamber

To get a gauge of the correct water levels, hold the down stem to get an idea of where it will sit when the Hookah is fully assembled. Fill the chamber with water to a level where the bottom of the stem would be in the water about half to one inch.

Insert the hookah shaft into the chamber

Attach the hookah base grommet to the Hookah shaft and insert it into the chamber whilst twisting it down to make sure you get a firm seal and the shaft sits vertically in the chamber. If the seal is a little tight you may need some water to ease its fitting.

Attach the hookah hose to the hookah

Use the hookah hose grommet to ensure an airtight seal and place the hookah hose into the hose adapter. You may have to insert the hose with a twisting motion to get the best seal.

Put a hookah mouth tip on the hose.

For ease of use and for health reasons it’s best to use Hookah mouth tips. Multiple users should definitely have their own.

Attach the Hookah tray.

Fix the stabilizer ring to the shaft and place the hookah tray on top. The tray may be loose but it will be stable.  Not all trays lock into place.

Attach the bowl.

Don’t forget to use a bowl grommet to make sure you have an airtight seal between the bowl stem at the top of the shaft and the bowl itself.

Why use Hookah?

There are a few reasons why people use Hookah, the primary one being it is a social event. The original Hookah users were the wealthy men of India in the 15th century who would gather in groups to talk. The social gatherings continue today as groups can be found relaxing by a Hookah pipe at trendy cafes and bars around the world.

The taste experience. Tobacco is now available in many flavours. If your smoking flavour of choice is for desserts, exotic fruits or coffees, you can enjoy them (with or without your friends) with a Hookah.

How do you clean Hookah?

Cleaning a Hookah properly is important for hygiene reasons as well as making sure the flavours you get are fresh and not stale tasting.

What you need:


Baking soda

Lemon juice

Stem and vase cleaner brushes

ONLY after the hookah is completely cooled down, clean the hose by rinsing with water. Take apart the hookah components, including the stem, all grommets, bowl, and stabilising plate.

Dispose of the used tobacco from the bowl and the ashes from the plate safely using tongs and a brush.

Dispose of the water from the bowl.

Wash the bowl, grommets and plate with warm water.

Run warm water down the end of the stem to remove any loose particles.

To get the stem really clean block one end with your finger, pour in few tablespoons of lemon juice and clean using your stem brush. To give the stem a really good clean out then add a teaspoon of baking soda to the lemon juice. Turn the stem over and repeat for the other end. When you are happy then run warm water to remove the residue.

Clean the bowl by rinsing it with hot water and then adding a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda. Swish it around and clean using your vase brush.

Rinse out with warm water when finished.

Let everything dry completely before using the Hookah again.

Is Hookah the same as Shisha?

Hookah is the name given to the device itself, Shisha is the name given to the tobacco used.

How do I smoke using a Hookah?

Drop shisha lightly into the bowl of your device. Sprinkle small pinches into the bowl making sure the holes don’t get clogged. Once the bowl is about 3 quarters full, press it lightly to make an even layer. Don’t pack too hard or you won’t get any airflow.

Cover the bowl with foil. Most experienced smokers prefer to use heavy-duty aluminum foil to reduce overheating. Stretch the foil over the bowl making sure it is pulled tight. Gently pull down on all sides of the foil until the surface is smooth and flat, then wrap the foil around the sides until it is secure.

Your shisha should be low so it is not touching the foil.  If it is your smoke will have a burnt taste.

Note: If you don’t have heavy-duty foil then using two layers of normal foil is will achieve the same effect.

Poke holes in the foil. More holes mean more hot air flowing through the shisha so you will need to experiment to find the balance between getting enough smoke and avoiding harsh, overheated shisha. Start with 15 holes if you are using a toothpick, anything bigger means fewer holes will be required.

Light a couple of coals. A typical Hookah bowl requires two medium coals, but you can use less or more to produce the right amount of smoke. Always use smokeless, self-lighting coals, never charcoal briquettes or anything that requires lighter fluids as you could make yourself seriously ill. If you are unsure then ask one of our support staff for help.

Quick light coals light within a few seconds using the flame from a lighter. Once they have finished sputtering, let them burn until coated in white-grey ash.  Blow on them until glowing orange.

Natural coals are less likely to add harsh flavours or burn your shisha. Light them on an open flame until glowing orange, about ten minutes. Blow on the coals and flip using tongs to heat evenly.

Nearly ready. Place the hot coals evenly on top of the foil. For best results, give the shisha a few minutes to warm up before you begin.

Smoking technique. Draw air through the hose with a full breath, but at a normal breathing pace. A strong inhale will overheat the shisha and taste very burnt. Wait for a minute or two between each draw.

Drink plenty of water before you begin and while you smoke to keep your mouth moist or you may stop tasting the flavours in the shisha.