Iron 1xhose 26cm
The Lawless Vape Hookah arrived in NZ. This Lawless hookah may be small, but if you’re looking for something that does the job without breaking the bank, this Lawless Hookah is for you! At only 26cm tall, the BC-3 is the most affordable hookah in our LLH Range. Coming complete with an approximately 3.5-foot long hose, glass base, Ceramic bowl, and tong.

How does Hookah work?

The traditional hookah is a type of water pipe that burns flavoured of sweetened tobacco in a small bowl. The smoke then travels through a water chamber and along a hose to a mouthpiece where it is inhaled.


Why use Hookah?

There are a few reasons why people use Hookah, the primary one being it is a social event. The original Hookah users were the wealthy men of India in the 15th century who would gather in groups to talk. The social gatherings continue today as groups can be found relaxing by a Hookah pipe at trendy cafes and bars around the world. The taste experience. Tobacco is now available in many flavours. If your smoking flavour of choice is for desserts, exotic fruits or coffees, you can enjoy them (with or without your friends) with a Hookah.


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LAWLESS Hookah Iron 1xHose 26cm Pink