WARNING: Some products on this site contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara

In New Zealand, Smoking is the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths. In fact, according to the Ministry of Health website, it kills more people each year than “road crashes, alcohol, other drugs, suicide, murder, drowning and earthquakes – all put together!” Secondhand smoke also poses a very real danger to those around you. You wouldn’t want to become a part of this statistics.

Want to quit now? Lawless e-cigarettes offer the most practical solution to stop smoking for good.

Combustible cigarettes have been developed to be incredibly addictive and quitting has proven to be a great test of willpower for many. Even knowing the threats that smokers are putting themselves and their loved ones into are not enough to keep them from lighting several sticks or consuming a pack or so a day.

Rewards to Quitting Smoking

If you’re thinking that quitting the bad habit won’t do you any good now that you’ve started… think again. One puff of tobacco smoke alone forces thousands of chemicals into your bloodstream, and hundreds of these are known toxins which are harmful to your health. Managing the cravings even for 20 minutes already has a positive effect on your body. The series of changes starts with lowering of heart rate and blood pressure to normal levels. When successfully overcome for a period of time, the risk of numerous heart and pulmonary diseases, cancers, and reproductive complications is greatly reduced.

Vaping - NZ Smokers Quitting Successfully

Deciding that you are ready to quit is only half the battle. It’s a long and challenging journey that will ultimately lead you to improve your health, the duration and quality of your life, as well as the health and lives of those around you. For decades, it has been a war that many failed miserably. So let’s skip the rest of the alternatives and focus on the most practical solution for you to break free from the addiction and kick the habit for good. This is vaping. NZ is committed to its Smokefree 2025 goal and the Ministry of Health positively recommends e-cigarettes as a healthier alternative to help support a smoker’s progress in managing the cravings and minimising withdrawal symptoms.

Electronic Cigarettes

The first e-cigs were intended for smokers, and product designs have evolved since then to offer a better experience. These handy, battery-powered vaping devices have heating coils contained within small cartridges or “cartomizers”. These components work to convert the pre-filled e-liquids into vapour or flavoured mist that the vaper inhales. An e-cig can also be a vape pen which is a bit bulkier but more powerful, with longer battery life. Vape pens may also come with pre-filled tanks but some can be used with your choice of e-juice to further enhance the experience. Vaping e-cigarettes do not require fire, and no ash or smoky smell are given off. Lawless e-cigarettes have gone a long way when it comes to a smooth hit and offers the closest thing to an authentic smoking sensation.

Why Switching to E-Cigarettes is Best

Not every smoker will have a ‘cold turkey’ story– deciding to quit one day and never smoking tobacco ever again. For most, quitting will take a lot of painful attempts. Though there are other alternatives, why should you turn to e-cigarettes?

Satisfy the habit, not the addiction.

Smoking can easily become a lifestyle. Some stressful situations, certain moods and feelings, places and even the most mundane tasks in your everyday routine can bring you to lighting up a stick without even thinking about what you’re doing. When the urge to smoke hits, vaping can help with the oral fixation most smokers struggle with.

Reduced risks.

Health implications come along with taking in combusted smoke and even vapour into your lungs. However, compared to smoking, it can be said that you are choosing the much lesser evil with vaping. NZ studies have proved that vapour produced from electronic cigarettes removes a handful of carcinogens and harmful, disease-causing chemicals found in combustible tobacco.

Less stressful transition.

People who are addicted to smoking are actually addicted to the nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can be strong enough to stop any smoker, even with the utmost dedication to quitting. The different nicotine levels that e-liquids are available in makes the transition easier– by slowly decreasing nicotine intake until you can go without the nicotine.

Kicking the bad habit to regain your health and life isn’t an easy task. But you can do so with the help of vaping. NZ has witnessed hundreds and thousands of Kiwis do it, so can you. Lawless e-cigarettes bring you a leap closer to your goal to finally say goodbye to combustible tobacco.