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Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara


Zeal Heat Not Burn

The Lawless Zeal is a portable, compact, vaping device with the perfect grip feeling. It’s lightweight, small, and easy to fit in the pocket. This device uses an on-board temperature control system powered by a long-lasting removable and rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery (not included). The user can simply turn on the device with a single click of a button and adjust the temperature by using the two intuitive up/down buttons, this will begin the heating until the desired temperature is reached.

What’s in the Kit

1 x Zeal
1 x Brush
USB Cable
2 x Seal Ring (Airflow Director)
1 x Stainless Steel Pad
1 x Tobacco Crusher
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Seal Ring (Top Cap)
2 x Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 200)
2 x Stainless Steel Mesh (Mesh Number: 50)
1 x User Manual

Best temperature: 180°C/356°F (max 220°C/428°F)

Battery: discharging current > 30A 18650 battery, Not included
Buzzer adjustment
Full convection hot air system
Automatic off feature

Stealth function


Key lock function


USB port function

Airflow control with reverse flow protection

Switch the display mode


Shift between °C and °F

Countdown reset
Super precise temperature control
OLED display

Vaping using Zeal

Press the fire button to start the heating process


You have the option to charge Zeal using the USB port via a wall adapter or a computer.

Power on/off:

The device can be powered on/off by pressing the fire button 5 times.

External BATTERY

The Lawless Zeal is powered by a 18650mAh external battery (Not included)
Size: 32.0mm x 52.0mm x108.0mm


when the device is powered on, press the fire button to start the heating process.

CHAMBER Fill System

To fill the Zeal, screw on the filling device and remove the packing tool. Push ground material into the hole with the tool

Starting it up

Removable 18650mah battery

Lawless Zeal carries a removable 18650mAh battery capable of heating the unit in roughly 60 seconds. For a single charge, you can easily get around 3-4 sessions and the units lasted on average of 30-50 minutes. The Lawless Zeal does have the advantage of allowing you to carry around spare batteries which is a big plus.

OLED Display

Selecting the desired temperature can be achieved by using the two intuitive up/down buttons, heating will begin automatically until it reaches that temperature. Once the indicator LED turns green the device is ready and will hold the desired temp steady for one minute. When the LED turns red please wait as the device is re-heating and will be ready again soon.


1: 4 piece, 3 chamber design;
2: Strong Magnetic Hold – Includes top compartment for storage;
3: Sharp teeth on inner and outer edges (except green) which produces a very fine grinding;
4: Lightweight Acrylic for easy transportation;
5: Attaches to ZEAL


The Lawless Zeal’s metal airflow assembly can be removed from the mouthpiece by unscrewing it with a coin. Once the metal airflow assembly is removed the mouthpiece can be disassembled and brushed clean or rinsed with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water if necessary. Reassemble the mouthpiece and screw the airflow assembly back in with your coin. If you need to clean the heating chamber simply brush out any buildup or hold the unit upside down and swab it clean with an isopropyl alcohol dampened q-tip; make sure any alcohol is fully dried before using the unit.
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Vaping what is it? if you live on planet Earth, Then you have probably heard that word many times over the past few years.

Portable Heat Not Burn boast high build quality, outstanding performance, and superb vapor production.

Another Great thing is the size: Convenient for your purse or pocket.

Here is a short guide on where to start on your vaping journey with Lawless.

Read your Lawless instruction manual on how to use your device or ask in-store at one of our authorized retailers (Shosha) for a demo.

Overall, Heat Not Burn utilize a range between 325 F to 400 F

That being said – here are the 3 ideal temperature ranges:

* 325 F to 400 F: This temp range will emit light vapor and is best suited for tobacco that have low levels of moisture

* 350 F – 375 F: This temp range is the optimal target range. You can expect to get the most out of your vapor using temps within this range.

* 375 F – 400 F: This temp range will produce a lot of vapor and is best suited for tobacco that have a higher level of moisture.


These are features that you see in every Heat Not Burn, let me break them down for you:

The oven- Sometimes called the heating chamber, this is where you put the tobacco and where it gets heated. They’re usually made from ceramic or metal, though you will find some that are made of quartz.

Airpath- This is the path the vapor takes to get to the mouthpiece. Longer air paths are usually preferred because the longer the path, the cooler the vapor.

Temperature Control- Some Heat Not Burn allows you to choose the exact temperature while other have a selection of pre-set temperatures.

Mouthpiece – This is where you vape from, of course, the length, draw resistance, and concealability of the mouthpiece are all factors to consider.

TYPES OF Heat Not Burn

There are many different types of Heat Not Burn in the market the most common kinds are:

* Stay- at- Home or desktop Heat Not Burn: Best vapor quality, not very portable large in size.

* Portable vapes: discreet, very portable, temperature control settings, simple to use.

* Vape pens: Small and compact


Hitting a vape can be tricky. Since it is clean vapor, it will feel lighter than regular smoke as you inhale. For someone who is new to vaping, they might think that nothing is happening. resulting in them taking more hits than they need and getting super powerful hit. Do not take vapes lightly, as they are really powerful devices.

It is important to draw or take small puffs. Better yet, inhale as if you were taking a normal breath. Exaggerated inhalations not only look strange but too much suction can result in the tobacco blocking the airway.

Take short breaks in between draws to allow the vapor to build up and so that theHeat Not Burn does not get uncomfortably hot.


Cleaning is not the most fun activity but it is definitely vital to the overall vaping experience. A clean vape ensures that the device will work according to expectations. Before you clean your vape, make sure to read any specific instructions that pertain to your device.

Not all vapes are cleaned the same way and some might require more attention and care than others. Take the parts apart (If applicable) to get a deeper cleaning. Alcohol, Warm water, wipes and cotton swabs are all great for getting rid of residue.

Note: Always clean your vape before using it: A well-maintained vape leads to a better session.

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