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Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara

Vaping Through The Years From Humble Beginnings To Mainstream Acceptance

Who started it? It’s hard to imagine that e-cigarettes only came to existence 15 years. Sure there are reports of it being around longer than that, but it was only in 2003 when the public became aware of its existence and it gained popularity. The funny thing is, vaping owes its existence to the very activity it is trying to eradicate which is smoking. Will that happen anytime soon? Who knows? What matters now is how the vape culture has taken a firm stand and is continually converting long time smokers to take a less dangerous path. So let’s start with how it began. The accepted inventor of the e-cigarette is Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and traditional medicine expert. He came up with the idea in 2000 and released his first commercial product in 2003 – 2004. He shares the credit with another inventor who came up with the same concept and design as well as patenting it earlier by more than a few decades. Herbert Gilbert came up with his e-cigarette idea in 1963 and received its patent in 1965. Fun Fact: Another inventor is credited as the creator of the e-cigarette. Joseph Robinson, in 1927, first came up with the e-cigarette idea. Their invention started what we call the vape culture today.

Improving The Basic Concept

At first, e-cigarettes were treated as novelty items family and friends passed around as gifts. The earlier versions looked like oversized cigarettes complete with tips that lit up when you inhaled through the e-cig. These were considered harmless and great for gags. Vaping has gone a long way since then. People started tinkering with it, improving the product to suit their needs. Soon, these improvements got the attention of other vapers and eventually manufacturers started incorporating these improvements into their product lines. Nowadays you have mods, kits, e-cigs, pods, anything about vaping nz vapers like and support. Here’s a more detailed run down of devices used for vaping nz residents currently enjoy:

The First Generation

The earliest versions of e-cigarettes looked very much like their tobacco counterparts. These were also called cig-a-likes. They were simple, disposable and usually came with replacement tips. These early devices were targeted at converting tobacco smokers to e-cigarettes.

The Second Generation

Realizing the potential for a more efficient vaping device, vape pens became more popular. The introduction of vape pens provided the major boost in popularity that the vape industry needed. Vape pens had a slim profile, were highly portable, refillable and efficient. Add to the fact that you could make slight modifications and it was a tinkerer’s dream.

The Third Generation

This is when the floodgates fully opened wide. This is when MODS came into existence. MODS (short for modified or modifications) allowed vapers to customize their devices according to how they wanted. All sorts of features came out due to this. Temperature control, charge regulation, additional safety features and circuit protection are just some of the improvements made.

Third Generation vape Accessories

Coils and Tanks

With more customizability for the vaping devices came the need for accessories to complete the transformation from stock to a fully modded out kit. Sub-Ohm coils for a more fulfilling experience and sophisticated non-drip tanks became the norm especially for cloud chasers. The different specs for these accessories in the market fulfills the need for individual vapers to have more control over their vaping devices.


Safer, more efficient batteries also became popular with leading companies creating versions specifically for vaping alone. For added safety, battery cases were thrown into the mix so you don’t keep them in your pockets along with your keys and coins.

Drip Tips

There are 2 types of Drip Tips in the market today, the 510 and the 810. The 510 Drip Tip is designed for Mouth To Lung method. The 810 on the other hand is designed for Direct To Lung method.

Walls and Stumbling Blocks

It wasn’t all easy for the vaping community though. It wasn’t easy then, and although it is more widely accepted, it still isn’t easy now. Stiff regulations on the sale of e-cigarettes in various countries and states have been implemented. Many countries like Brazil, Singapore, Uruguay and Norway have banned e-cigarettes. In some countries like Canada, it is deemed illegal to sell. In the US and UK, selling to minors is illegal. Applications for Removal of the Restrictions are continuously being applied and lobbied. The success rate of these applications vary from state to state and country to country.

Winning Small Battles

Incidentally, Tobacco companies, one of the main reasons why vaping came into existence, are now taking a pro-vape lifestyle stand. Tobacco companies were once treated as the vape lifestyle’s main adversary and the drive to convert people away from cigarettes was a major draw for most people. Now, it seems like the vaping community has found a new ally. A more powerful ally with enough political clout to affect some changes. But is this a good thing or will it spell disaster for the vaping lifestyle? The involvement of big corporations like British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International is a polarizing topic has the vaping community split in two with one side excited and the other apprehensive. More scientific studies are also coming out proving that vaping is less dangerous than smoking. Restrictions on vaping are slowly loosening up and more events involving the vape lifestyle are becoming more popular.

Who’s Vaping Now? Social Acceptance and Wide Mainstream Appeal

Vaping has become a mainstream activity and people from all walks of life have turned to vaping whether as a smoking cessation tool or simply for recreational purposes. What started out as an activity for hobbyists and enthusiasts in out of the way vape shops is now seen as part of our culture today. Athletes, celebrities and other famous personalities help promote the lifestyle by being seen with their own vape devices. Whole industries have been created due to vaping. The rise of new vape companies producing devices and e-liquids continue to sprout. Vape shops selling these devices and liquids are also rising. There’s another segment of the vape culture that has grown over the past couple of years: Vape Celebrities. These vape celebrities earn a living through the vape culture whether as vapers, reviewers, YouTube stars and others. Other promotional materials like e-books, clothing apparel, stickers and others related to the vape lifestyle have also taken ahold of popular media today. The Vape Culture, like any lifestyle choice, will continue to evolve. People, vapers or not, will find ways to keep it expanding and covering more aspects of life from recreation to serious medical or smoking cessation application.