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Vape Atomizers & Tanks NZ

For convenient refilling and easy cleaning, choose from a range of vape atomizer and vape tanks nz. Lawless aims to provide a wide variety of ecigarettes to match your preferences, ensuring all vape nz users get a taste of different flavours with impressive clouds, Our vape nz tanks also hold a varied e liquid capacity and best match certain types of e cigarettes. Find exactly what you need here.

Vaping Tanks

The atomizer part of the vaping device is what turns your e-juice into vapour. They are composed of a heating coil, a wick and a reservoir, or tank, for your e-liquid. When the tank is full of e-liquid, it soaks into the wick, which feeds it through to the coil. When you press the fire button the coil then gets hot and turns the e-liquid into vapour, which is then inhaled.
There are a number of different atomizers available and there may be differences in how they hold the e-juice, how you install a new coil and maybe a few other details, but the way they work is pretty much the same.
What Dripping Is
Firstly let’s explain “dripping”.
Dripping is a method of vaping that has become very popular for people that have never smoked yet want to enjoy the taste and experience of vaping. It is a method of vaping where you simply drip the e-liquid into the atomizer, bypassing the need for a cartridge or a tank.
RDTA Tanks - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer
Despite its name, this is no dripper (RDA), it’s more of an RBA with a bigger build deck. That means you get the best of both worlds: You can build awesomely advanced coils, while you still get a tank to hold the e-juice.
RBA stands for ReBuildable Atomizer and is the generic name for the other types of atomizers, RDTA, RDA and RTA. The RBA is best described as an atomizer where you do not use premade coils, you wrap them yourself. All RBA atomizers use interchangeable drip tips.
Sub OHM Tanks and why they matter
Sub ohm tanks are the same as standard tanks except their coils have a resistance lower than one ohm. This means they can cope with higher wattages and will generally offer a stronger flavour and bigger vapour production, perfect for the cloud chasers. The atomizer heads connect to the devices in the same way as other tanks, but they have larger ports for the wick, allowing for a greater juice supply that keeps up with the speed it’s being vaporized at. Sub ohm tanks can usually cope with higher-VG liquids, too.

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