Ritzy2 4.5ml Tank

The new Ritzy 2 atomizer is remarkably convenient to use, mainly featuring its simple structure and side e-liquid fill hole for ease of parts cleaning and e-liquid refilling.

NZD $50.00

Ritzy2 4.5Ml Tank
 The Ritzy 2 sub-ohm TC Tank by Lawless vape is the newest upgrade platfrom from the popular Rizty Tank, Intergrating a revolutionary top-fill system, a customizable airflow control, and temperature control capability to be used with Nickel and Titanium wires. In order to utilize the versatility of the tank, The Ritzy 2 has multitude of cooling systems and design elements integrated into the tank. It is furnised with lawless spectacular airflow valve, allow for easy and precise air adjustment when taking a hit. A revolutionary top-fill e-Liquid system with a slot located on the upper portion of the tank provides effortless refill in a 4.5ml juice well. With the ability to support Nickel and Titanium wire, it is compatible with nearly all commonly utilized heating materials to pair with temperature controlled devices. Constructed with high-grade stainless steel and pyrex glass reinforcement, the upgraded Ritzy 2 Tank is the perfect all-puppose tank that harmonizes with any vaper’s lifestyle!


Diameter 22mm
Height 66mm
The side e-liquid fill hole is designed for ease of refilling e-liquid
Thread type 510 thread
The amount of airflow can easily be adjusted by rotating the flexible airflow control ring on the atomizer base so as to get different vaping experiences
E-liquid capacity 4.5ml
Optional types of Ritzy heads–Ritzy head and Ritzy TC head, separately supports normal VW (Variable Wattage) device and smart TC (Temperature Control) device
It comes with large liquid capacity of 4.5ml, reducing the frequency of refilling e-liquid.
All the Ritzy series atomizer heads are applied with 100% pure cotton wick
Colour available: Silver

Ritzy2 COILS

The Lawless Vape Ritzy coils feature larger wicking holes for better wicking and a heating wire of 0.4 mm in diameter to create large amounts of vapor and flavor production. the Ritzy Coils uses 100% organic cotton for a pure flavor.

What kind of hit will I get from an e-cigarette?

This depends on the device and the E-juice. Generally, using a higher nicotine E-liquid in your E-cig will give you a stronger throat hit.

Most e-cigs also allow the user to adjust the airflow to further tailor the experience to their personal preferences

How does an e-cig compare to smoking a normal cigarette?

A smoker can still get their nicotine fix with vaping without all of the chemicals found in tobacco. 0mg Nicotine flavours are available for non-cigarette smokers to be able to enjoy the flavours and experience of vaping without fear of addiction.

What are the health risks of an e-cigarette?

There is nothing that can be inhaled aside from clean, fresh air that can be considered good for you. The harmful chemicals in tobacco and related illnesses have made smokers switch to vaping in droves and become ex-smokers. We ourselves, make no health claims.

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