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Kino Herbal Vaporiser

Kino is a powerful yet versatile pen-style herbal vaporiser that hits harder than devices ten times the price!

NZD $125.00

Kino Herbal Vaporiser

NZD $125.00


Kino Herbal Vaporiser

Kino is a powerful yet versatile pen-style herbal vaporiser that hits harder than devices ten times the price! With 45 Watts of power, it can achieve your desired temperature within 30 seconds. Five temperatures adjustments provide you custom options to enjoy your favorite strains just the way you like it.

What’s in the Kit

Kino Herbal Vaporiser
Stainless Steel Mesh
Packing Tool
Cleaning Brush
Water Pipe Adapter

Extra O Ring


Size: 10.8cm H 5.2cm L 3.2cm W


Output wattage: 45W


Temperature range: 187-215℃/370-420℉ (TC modes)

5 Precise Electronic Temperature Control Settings
Internal Rechargeable High Power 2800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
High Efficiency Heat Exchanger Extends Battery Life
Fast 30 Second Heat Up
Charges Via USB

Vaping using The Kino


You have the option to charge the Kino using the USB port via a wall adapter or a computer.

Power on/off:

The device can be powered on/off by pressing the fire button 5 times.


The Kino is powered by a 2800mAh battery.


when the device is powered on, press the fire button to initiate the heating process and after desired temperature is reached inhale.

Top Fill System

To fill the Kino chamber, you just remove the top/tip it reveals the chamber, which is quite easy to use and works very well.



Kino is a powerful yet versatile pen-style leaf vaporiser With 45 Watts of power, it can achieve your desired temperature within 30 seconds. Five temperatures adjustments provide you custom options to enjoy your favorite strains just the way you like it.


At the core of this powerful vaporiser, there is a patent pending ceramic heating chamber that utilizes a helical air path channel to provide both convection and conduction heating simultaneously.
With this special designed ceramic heating chamber, it gives you at least 25% quicker and smoother vaping experience compared with any other pen-style vaporiser in the market.


Five temperature adjustments provide you with five custom options to enjoy your favorite strains just the way you like it.

  • Quickly press the power button 2X while the device is ON to adjust the temperature.


There is a total of 5 LED Light indicators.
Using these 5 LED Lights allows you to display the 5 different temperature options. The lights are also an indicator of battery life by displaying the number of lights as follows in battery level mode:.


To charge the device, simply connect the USB cable to a wall adapter or computer. The LED light located around the USB port will display as red while the device is being charged. The LED light will disappear once the device is fully charged. It takes approximately 2 hours to obtain a full charge by using a 1A Wall Adapter.
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Vaping what is it? if you live on planet Earth, Then you have probably heard that word many times over the past few years.

Portbale vaporizers boast high build quality, outstanding performance, and superb vapor production.

Another Great thing is the size: Convenient for your purse or pocket.

Here is a short guide on where to start on your vaping journey with Lawless.

Read your Lawless instruction manual on how to use your device or ask in-store at one of our authorised retailers (Shosha) for a demo.
What temperature is best for Vaping?

Overall, vaporiser utilize a range between 325 F to 400 F

That being said – here are the 3 ideal temperature ranges:

* 325 F to 400 F: This temp range will emit light vapor and is best suited for herbs that have low levels of moisture

* 350 F – 375 F: This temp range is the optimal target range for vaporisation. You can expect to get the most out of your vapor using temps within this range 

* 375 F – 400 F: This temp range will produce a lot of vapor and is best suited for dry herbs that have a higher level of moisure.

Design features of dry herb vaporizers

These are features that you see in every dry herb vaporiser, let me break them down for you:

The oven- Sometimes called the chamber, this is where you put the herb and where it gets heated. They’re usually made from ceramic or metal, though you will find some that are made from quartz.

Airpath- This is the path the vapor takes to get to the mouthpiece. Longer airpaths are usually preferred because the longer the path, The cooler the vapor.

Temperature Control- Some Dry Herb vapes allow you to choose the exact temperature while other have a selection of pre-set temperatures.

Mouthpice – This is where you vape from of course, the length, draw resistance, and connealability of the mouthpiece are all factors to consider. 

Types of dry herb vaporisers

There are many different types of dry herb vaporisers  in the market the most common kinds are:

* Stay- at- Home or desktop vaporisers: Best vapor quality, not very portable large in size.

* Portable vapes: discreet, very portable, temperature control settings, simply to use.

* Vape pens: Small and compact

Tips for first time vapers

Hitting a vape can be tricky. Since it is clean vapor, it will feel lighter than regular smoke as you inhale. For someone who is new to vaping, they might think that nothing is happening. resulting in them taking more hits than they need and getting super powerful hit. Do not take vapes lightly, as they are really powerful devices.

It is important to draw or take small puffs. Better yet, inhale as if you were taking a normal breath. Exaggerted inhalations not only look strange but too much suction can result in the herb bloking the airway.

Take short breaks in between draws to allow the vapor to build up and so that the vaporiser does not get uncomfortably hot.

 vapor to build up and and so that the vapore doesn’t get uncomfortably hot.

Maintaining your vape

Cleaning is not the most fun activity but it is definitely vital to the overall vaping experince. A clean vape ensures that the device will work according to expectations. Before you clean your vape, make sure to read any specific instructions that pertain to your device.

Not all vapes are cleaned the same way and some might require more attention and care than others. Take the parts apart (If applicable) to get a deeper cleaning. Alcohol, Warm water, wipes and cotton swabs are all great for getting rid of residue.

Note: Always clean your vape before using it: A well maintained vape leads to a better session.

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