WARNING: Some products on this site contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara


Nicotine Salt or it is often abbreviated as NicSalt, is the exact same thing as the nicotine you will find in its natural state within the tobacco leaf. To keep it simple, nicotine salt is made by mixing pure nicotine with benzoic acid to allow you to vape the liquid at a lower temperature with a low wattage device (pod system) and it will also be easily absorbed by the bloodstream mimicking the effect of like traditional cigarettes. 

Smoother throat hit and more affordable
Many heavy smokers need high nicotine strength to satisfy their need. However, with Freebase Nicotine, high nicotine level will cause harsher throat hit, which is quite unpleasant. Furthermore, Freebase Nicotine with a high nicotine strength can only be used with vaping devices that are capable of producing high temperatures, which are expensive. One of the main perks of Nicotine Salt is that it is mostly consumed through cheaper low-wattage devices with low temperature, giving you smoother throat hit even with a high level of nicotine strength.

Stronger satisfaction
Thanks to the special chemical process, Nicotine Salt can contain a higher concentration of nicotine and needs a lower temperature when compared with Freebase Nicotine. This help Nicotine Salt successfully mimic the sensational experience of traditional cigarettes.

Better flavour
Freebase Nicotine chemical process often creates a strong chemical taste when it is added to E-Liquids. The higher the amount is added, the stronger this unpleasant taste is. Thanks to its chemical compound, Nicotine Salt can minimise this chemical taste while still can contain a large amount of nicotine. Thus, Nicotine Salt often give you more flavourful taste when compared with Freebase Nicotine that has the same nicotine strength.

Why Freebase Nicotine is still a good choice
Nicotine Salt is not perfect for all types of vapers, nicotine salt often contains quite a large amount of nicotine, making it not the perfect solution for all types of vapers, especially light smokers. Freebase Nicotine is still a great choice for E-Juice that has either zero or low amount of nicotine. The market for Nicotine Salt is also pretty small, therefore flavour selection and brand variety are still limited. Lawless is one of the few brands that can give you a large selection of flavours and nicotine strength of Nicotine Salt E-Liquids.

Lawless Nicotine Salt Collection

Our premium NicSalt (Nicotine Salt) E-Liquid is the best E-Liquid to go with the Smug Pod Kit! Available in 9 different unique flavours, they come in two different high nicotine strengths (35mg and 50mg) which will satisfy your cravings for nicotine in one hit, helping you to switch to vaping, the better alternative to smoking.

My personal favourite flavour from the Lawless NicSalt E-Liquid range is the Grape Drank on Ice. It is always so satisfying to vape this Nicotine Salt E-Liquid as it has the delicious taste of grape soda combined with cool menthol (mint), giving you a nice twist of flavour and refreshing taste. Perfect as a summertime vape juice!