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About Us

Leading the Charge in Vaping Excellence: Lawless

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, Lawless emerges as a name synonymous with premium quality e-liquids. As a brand that is proudly New Zealand-owned, we fuse the vibrant spirit of Kiwi enterprise with the dedication to craft only the finest e-liquids for our consumers.

Nationwide Presence, Nationwide Trust

With Lawless, you're never far from a taste sensation. We are thrilled to announce that our products grace the shelves of over 120 specialist vape retailers across the nation as well as online so you can get the premium Lawless experience delivered straight to your doors.

Crafted to Perfection, Loved Worldwide

At the heart of our brand is an uncompromising commitment to quality. Every drop of Lawless e-liquid bears testament to this, as our products are meticulously crafted only using the best ingredients available, ensuring superiority in every puff.

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Diverse Flavors for Diverse Tastes

Every vaper is unique, and at Lawless, we embrace this diversity with an extensive range of e-liquid flavors. Whether you're chasing the tang of fruity notes, the cool undertones of menthol, the robust richness of tobacco, or the sweet allure of berries, Lawless has an e-liquid concoction waiting for you.

Customized Vaping Experience

Understanding the varied preferences of our clientele, we present a trio of e-liquid types:

  • Freebase - For the traditionalists.
  • Nicotine Salt - Smooth and satisfying.
  • Sub-Ohm Nicotine - For those who love those dense clouds.
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